The Amazing Journey of Teams Driving in the Same Direction with Yoni Kozminski

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The Amazing Journey of Teams Driving in the Same Direction with Yoni Kozminski

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— Making a Dent in the Universe —

Effective altruism: I want to leave it better than when I got here.

Episode Key Takeaway—

Think through the day to day decisions, Instead of rushing, focus on being a good human to those that you come across and leavce them better off. Give without expectation of reciprocation.

Jeff’s Takeaway: A collective mindset can help you produce better results. De-center yourself and think about the team.

To Read—

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

To Watch—

Top Gun: Maverick

To Listen—

To Learn—

How to unlock the traction-integrator relationship

About Yoni

Yoni has spent a decade in digital marketing & creative advertising globally including places like Australia (origin), Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv developing digital strategy for the likes of Mercedez- Benz, Mastercard, Sony, Medtronic, and many 8-figure eCommerce brands.

In 2018 Yoni expanded an eCommerce/Amazon business from $2 million to $5 million in 12 months that was sold in 2019. A key driver was the ability to build a fluid process, as well as a team of incredibly talented individuals in the Philippines.

Since January 2020, MultiplyMii & Escala have grown from a team of 4 to over 300+ people on payroll supporting more than 100+ businesses that are responsible for more than 750M+ in annual revenue.


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