Uniquely Creative Social Entrepreneurship with Sashka Avanyan

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Uniquely Creative Social Entrepreneurship with Sashka Avanyan

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Sashka Avanyan is a social entrepreneur and filmmaker. She co-founded Creopia, a social business creating visuals for good with social entreprenuers while connecting the arts and creativity with social change.

Her background includes the study of philosophy at the University of McGill where she simultaneously started her career as a videographer and video editor.

She was born in Houston, Texas but raised in Moscow, Russia until the age of 14, at which point she moved to Canada for 7 years. In may of 2018 she moved to Armenia after being a volunteer  for 10 months.

She has worked with brands including the Halo Trust, Birthright Armenia, and United World College, and has been featured on Civil Net, Public TV of Armenia, Repat Talks, Bell TV, and CBC Radio.

Currently her greatest interest lies in trends of decentralization and the intersection of arts with social change.

We talk about…

  • Why the trend of decentralization is so important
  • The mission to create quality and expansive content in a sea of attention grabbing entertainment that hurts your brain
  • How entrepreneurs with impact can expand their reach with one powerful visual
  • How creative services can create work in rural areas
  • The story of how I made vanadzor home and my path to social entrepreneurship

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