It’s Official! Shareable is back for Season 6!

Shareable Guest Club
Shareable Guest Club
It's Official! Shareable is back for Season 6!

After a long hiatus, Shareable is back.

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been away so long.

As I’ve done in the past, I had to put Shareable on hiatus, and as with previous breaks, I did it for the same reasons.

Whenever I put Shareable on hiatus, it’s because of two things.

  1. I’ve taken on too much and something has to give.
  2. I feel that something about Shareable needs to change.

The History of Shareable

The first iteration of Shareable was a very structured set of interviews exploring the intersection of people and technology. Once I felt as though I’d fully explored that territory, I moved on to Masterclasses, where I dove deep into an idea with an expert. After a solid full season of in-depth, focused explorations, I wanted to open things up a bit and for years I’ve been having interesting conversations with interesting people, featuring content I think it worth sharing. Most of this has had a very strong business flavor to it.

I started Shareable in 2017 and it’s always been a labor of love. Apart from a little affiliate revenue here and there, and a bunch of business opportunities that came from listeners or guests, the show is completely self-funded. I started this podcast, and continue to make it for two reasons.

  1. It gives me a platform to speak with incredible people
  2. It gives me a platform to share conversations I think are important

When I started Shareable, I was running a social media agency that I’d started 6 years earlier. So much has changed since then. I’ve left the world of social media, I wrote a book on leadership and shifted all of my work to the pursuit of creating a kinder, safer, and more equitable world. I want to create a world with more superheroes in it and to do that, I lean heavily on my superpower of helping people to realize their own superpowers. I love sharing the tools to help people unlock their potential and find meaning and purpose in their lives and careers.

All of that change is the reason why I needed to pause Shareable.

I needed to redefine what Shareable is all about. Shareable is always changing and adapting.

So, today, I want to share with you the new Shareable.

The New Shareable

For years, I thought that I’d abandoned the season format for Shareable. But after some time off and reflection, I realize that it never went away.

Season 1 was the exploration of the impact that people and technology have on our lives and careers.

Season 2 were the Masterclasses.

Season 3, 4, and 5, were all variations of interesting people and ideas.

So here we are, now, in season 6.

Season 6 is an exploration of the mission to make something shareable.

What makes something Shareable?

I looked into the science of social sharing, the research behind why we share things, and the attributes of the things that spread the furthest. Season 6 is a creative exercise to put these principles and frameworks into action.

We like to share things of Practical Value so every episode will feature a small collection of Shareables right from the outset.

As humans, we understand the world through the power of stories. It’s how we understand our place in the world, and how we come to understand others. Every episode of Shareable brings you someone’s unique journey, structured in such a way that you can see and understand their unique origins and walk through their shoes as they overcome trials and challenges. You’ll see how the lessons they impart can help you to transform your own life.

As far as who I’m speaking to, I am in search of those who inspire wondered and astonishment, whose stories entertain, excite and inspire. I’m looking for those who help us to overcome the things in our lives that make us frustrated, anxious, or angry.

This podcast has always been something I indulge in selfishly, but have always hoped would change at least one person with each episode. This season will be a work in progress and you may notice the format changing over time.

My hope however is to bring you something worth listening to.

To bring you something that you look forward to.

To bring you something…Shareable.

If you think this episode is Shareable...


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