The BDSM Episode with Deb Gabor

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The BDSM Episode with Deb Gabor

Yup, you read the title right. This is the episode where our guest teaches us about BDSM- why brand domination strategy matters that is! Sorry, didn’t mean to shock you there, but in the spirit of this week’s guest we just had to. Because our guest, Deb Gabor, is the founder and Brand Dominatrix of Sol Marketing, a brand strategy consultancy obsessed with building winning brands. Guys, she’s awesome, so awesome that after talking with her for five minutes Jeff proclaimed them best friends. Here’s the post it note he wrote to prove it. 

Jeff wrote this about Deb during the first five minutes of recording.

And you’re going to want to be her best friend too after listening to this episode. Friends, Deb gets incredibly honest with us. She talks about her passion and compulsion to make other people’s businesses better. She talks about her inability to slow down. She talks about how her daughter helped her become a role model in her career. There’s so much that happened, you just gotta listen. 


  • Running time: 42:51
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How Deb uses tech: Deb is no tech novice. In fact, she’s had every i-thingy there has ever been. Although she’s an early adopter, Deb’s more interested in the value that technology brings to her life rather than the flashiness of the gadget. For Deb, technology allows her to do things that she otherwise couldn’t do without it, and to free up headspace to do the things she’s really passionate about like building brands. Essentially, Deb uses tech as a facilitator to make other things happen. Tech makes Deb’s life easier, so she can make other’s lives easier. And she sets boundaries. Deb tries to keep notifications from oppressing her and monopolizing her time. Most importantly, Deb has learned not to let technology stand in the way of a good relationship with a human being. What she wishes she’d learned earlier: Slow the FUCK down. One thing you should go do today: Read Deb’s book – Branding is Sex Apps in her Dock: Phone, Email, Chrome, & Snapchat One app she can’t live without: Trello Last Social Media left standing: Facebook One book you should read: Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout Desired Superpower: Temporary wobbly puddle of goo (so she can slow down for 15 minutes at a time) ADDITIONAL NOTES Deb’s Basics of Branding:

  • Your brand can’t exist without your customers.
  • Your brand can’t be about you, it has to be about them.

The questions to answer to get your mini MBA in branding:

  1. What does it say about someone that they use this?
  2. What is it that we do that singularly solves a problem for someone?
  3. Everyone wants to be the hero in the story of their life. How does your brand make someone a hero?




Caroline, our Producer. Thanks for everything you do to make this show happen.

Ray, our Audio Engineer. Thanks for cleaning up our voices and adding all that sexy production value.

Oprah. Even though you’re already the Oprah of podcasting, can’t we be too?

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