Why Your Career is in Someone Else’s Hands | Travis Wright

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Shareable Guest Club
Why Your Career is in Someone Else's Hands | Travis Wright

Shareable Family, I don’t know if you’re ready for the Travis Wright. Having a conversation with Travis is like listening to 10 TED talks at once. This guy is a seemingly endless source of vision and knowledge. “So what does he do,” you ask. All of it. He does it ALL. Travis is a successful author, consultant, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, data & analytics geek, tech journalist, growth hacker, podcast host, and self-deemed “mediocre stand-up comic.” We’ll be the judge of that Travis. Today, he is the cofounder and Chief Marketing Technology Officer at CCP Digital, a Kansas City & SF based digital ad & content agency. Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds of B2B & B2C companies, well-funded startups, SMBs, and the Fortune 100. He is also a columnist at Inc. Magazine, podcast host of VentureBeat’s VB Engage, and author of his first book with Wiley & Sons, Digital Sense, which was published in December 2017. Needless to say, we’re big Travis fans here at Shareable. And we’re really excited to bring you this new, info-packed episode.

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