Social Media Ladder hosted by Rachael Kay Albers

Shareable Mic Swap
Shareable Mic Swap
Social Media Ladder hosted by Rachael Kay Albers

During this interview, Rachael and Jeff are talking all things regarding the tech and marketing industry. They dive into the hierarchy within the social media professional ladder…should people call themselves social media gurus? How about social media ninjas? Jeff shares his thoughts on these questions and more.

Further, Jeff hypes up some of his favorite professionals in the industry, sharing who inspires him and who he feels deserves more recognition. Jeff shares his thoughts on what is currently lacking within the social media community- where can we do better? And where are we headed looking toward the future? And a pro tip: listen till the end; Rachael challenges Jeff with some epic questions for the lightening question round.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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