Hosted by Anu Vora

Shareable Mic Swap
Shareable Mic Swap
Hosted by Anu Vora

It’s mic swap time! I sat down with Anu Vora. We talk about my experiences and lessons throughout my journey in finding my place within the the intersection of people and technology that by now, ya’ll know I am very passionate about.

I’m sharing my ideas on company culture and the many gray areas that can exist within it. Here’s some questions we touch on: Are we talking the talk AND walking the walk? Do our employees genuinely feel heard, seen, and supported? How does empathy truly fit within that culture? And beyond that, can we consciously own up to when we don’t project that empathy in business and in life? 

We’re diving into how money impacts our world and the decisions we make while moving through it.

Further, we’re diving into aspirations vs. expectations and how we can change our relationship to these things in order to effectively reach our goals without being too hard on ourselves.

Anu allowed me to sit down and think about my next goals- what I am working on and thinking about- in business, in marketing, and in life. She offered some amazing insights and thought provoking questions…take a listen and investigate these points of reflection in your own life. 

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