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Shareable Think Fast
Shareable Think Fast
Julie Pham

About Think Fast

Think Fast is a mini-episode featuring 10 rapid-fire questions.

Think Fast Questions

What is your favorite podcast?

Hidden Brain

Bring one fictional character to life.

Anne of Green Gables

If you could download one person’s (dead or alive) entire knowledge, wisdom, and memories to add to your own, whose would it be?

Anne Boleyn

What will destroy humanity?


What will save humanity?


What is a lesson that you wish that you’d learned earlier in your life?

Relationships matter.

What negative experience in your life are you most happy that happened to you?

Someone publicly called me out that what I was teaching was a waste of time, and that led me to reframe curiosity as a practice instead of a trait.

What is your definition of success, and has it changed over time?

I used to think of what success looks like instead of what it feels like. Success feels like freedom.

What is one thing everyone listening to this episode should go and do today?

Reach out to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. Just checking in.

The Infinity Gauntlet gives the holder the ability to snap their fingers and make anything their mind can imagine into reality. Here’s the catch though: it generally costs the wearer who snaps their fingers their lives. I have this gauntlet, and I’m offering it to you. What would you want to happen?

People won’t feel lonely anymore.

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