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Shareable Think Fast
Jenna Harrison

About Think Fast

Think Fast is a mini-episode featuring 10 rapid-fire questions.

Think Fast Questions

What is your favorite podcast?

Ascension Through Entrepreneurship

If you had a superhero name, what would it be?

Not Give Up

What qualities do you think makes a great leader?

  • The ability to put others before themselves
  • The calmness and groundedness that allows them to sit back and see the bigger picture
  • Deep self-trust

What is the most important skill of the future?

Learning how to solve problems or bring solutions to people may have.

What industry or career path has the most promising future or potential?

Coaching, in the broadest term. Your individual knowledge helping people reach the next level.

What advice would you give to someone who is feeling stuck or unsure about their career path?

Clarity is within. You absolutely have it. You just have to get out of your own way.

What negative experience in your life are you most happy that happened to you?

I did have a period of my life that was pretty dark, and I do think it got me to a point that I was willing to say, “I’m going to do anything for this clarity.” This dark period in my life really helped me realize that I’m the one that creates my path forward.

What is one thing everyone listening to this episode should go and do today?

Relax. Take a deep breath. Try to quiet your nervous system. Break the cycle of low-grade anxiety that we feel, because you need to tap into your superpowers and your zone of genius.

What part of the future are you most optimistic about?

Human aging. They think we’re going to live longer than expected, and I think that really changes the game.

The Infinity Gauntlet gives the holder the ability to snap their fingers and make anything their mind can imagine into reality. Here’s the catch though: it generally costs the wearer who snaps their fingers their lives. I have this gauntlet, and I’m offering it to you. What would you want to happen?

No, I don’t snap. I love my life, and I love the human experience.

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