Why we burnout and what to do about it with Julie Bee

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Why we burnout and what to do about it with Julie Bee


About Julie Bee

Julie Bee is a speaker, author, and strategic advisor to business owners and their teams. An award-winning entrepreneur and engaging storyteller, Julie has spoken for 14+ years on topics including leadership, employee engagement, workplace culture, and entrepreneurship. Her mission is to help one million business owners transform big ideas into easy actions that elevate their businesses by 2032. Julie’s leadership insights have been featured on FastCompany, Forbes, SHRM, HubSpot, and many more. Her forthcoming book with Matt Holt Books, How Business Owners Can Overcome Burnout and Fuel Success is scheduled to hit bookshelves in 2024. Matt Holt Books is an imprint of BenBella Books, publishers of Traction.

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Strategic sabbaticals might be the answer to fight burnout. The reason is you have to miss your job in order to recover from burnout, which has to be at least two weeks or longer.

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