Healing and Intuition for Leaders with Leilani Mañulu

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Healing and Intuition for Leaders with Leilani Mañulu


About Leilani Mañulu

Leilani Mañulu (lay-LAH-nee MAHN-yoo-loo) is a speaker, shaman, and leadership+DEI visionary based in the Seattle area. Leilani blends nearly two decades of experience in business, HR, leadership development, and DEI with her training as a shamanic practitioner to catalyze leaders toward co-creating organizations that are more intuitive, imaginative, and heart-centered. She is the author of “Paradox of the Water Bearer” and the host of The Intuitive Catalyst podcast. Leilani believes that conscious organizations that empower their people to stand in their authentic wholeness will be what restores balance to our world.

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A JobSage study revealed that 55% of employees say that being inauthentic at work affects their mental health. 25% spend tremendous energy hiding their whole self at work; nearly 50% spend some energy hiding their whole self at work.

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