On Positive Work Culture Design with Dr. Joey Faucette

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Shareable Guest Club
On Positive Work Culture Design with Dr. Joey Faucette


About Dr. Joey Faucette

An executive coach, culture architect, and host of the Work Positive podcast. His best-selling book, Work Positive in a Negative World: Team Edition, is the manifesto for developing your positive work culture.
He has spoken to thousands of people within companies and associations annually for decades.

Dr.Joey is a prolific writer of over 1,000 articles that have appeared on the websites of Fox News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal Market Watch, MSNBC, Entreprenur.com, and countless others.

His content reaches people in more than fifty countries.

What is the dent you wish to make in the world?

Find the pivot point with people and groups of people where they can find their sweet spot and discover what it is they’re here to be about and do.

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You don’t have to say everything you’re thinking. There’s a difference between a response and a reaction.

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