Masterclass: Values-Driven Culture with Aaron Burnett

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Masterclass: Values-Driven Culture with Aaron Burnett


About Aaron Burnett

Aaron Burnett is CEO and founder of Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group, recognized by INC Magazine as one of the best places to work in the United States.

His more than two decades of marketing experience are defined by an early realization: that conventional, mercenary business brings little joy or fulfillment. Instead, Aaron has spent his career cultivating an unconventional culture focused on helpfulness and generosity.

This is a story told through people—by strings of adjectives, straight from Aaron’s colleagues, employees, and clients: “trustworthy,” “astute,” “imaginative,” and “scary smart,” to list a few. It’s also a story told through Wheelhouse DMG.

Wheelhouse is the result of Aaron’s experience and commitment to values-driven decision making. The agency’s culture is guided by twin missions: to be the best partner for each client and the best place to work for as many people as possible. In 2015, Aaron brought even more life to these values by launching a quarterly “Generosity Day” initiative to serve those in need within the Seattle community and the “Joy Fund”, a monthly stipend for each employee to spend in any way that brings joy to one of their teammates.

Episode Key Takeaway

In this episode, listeners will discover the power of culture as an engine for growth and for good in the workplace. More specifically, how a focus on helpfulness, generosity and joy can fuel a healthy, thriving business and a vibrant, joyful culture. Tune in to learn more about the resources, tools and tactics that can be employed to operationalize culture and “make values habits.”

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