The Happiness Formula with Kendra Reddy

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The Happiness Formula with Kendra Reddy


What is the dent you wish to make in the world?

I’m here to figuring out the next evolution of the world. I’m obsessed with finding the edges of my potential. I want to empower other people to do the same, to really feel like they’re capable of more than they probable believe that they can.

Episode Key Takeaway

Listeners will better understand the art and science of happiness. They’ll start to define or refine their own definitions of happiness (and success). They can start experiencing more happiness now, instead of waiting for ‘happily ever after’.

Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances and getting rocked off their centre when life is in chaos, they’ll be more able to maintain a positive attitude and have the capacity to lead with clarity and be present with those who rely on them.

About Kendra Reddy

A certified executive and leadership coach (CPCC, PCC, CNTC), Kendra believes that leading with excellence begins with personal mastery, and she is passionate about working with high-performing leaders who want to realize their potential and experience a broader range of sustainable and measurable success. Outstanding leaders have abilities that go well beyond business acumen and operational knowledge; they also continuously examine their past and current impact while learning to develop and expand their leadership to include a broader and deeper range of styles, emotions, and expressions. Kendra is committed to helping people learn how to lead actively and authentically by understanding how to engage in more strategic, outcome-focused conversations, strengthen their creative responses to situations, and find the right balance between relationship and task orientation.

Relying on neuroscience, positive psychology, somatics, nature, spirituality, and the multidisciplinary science of high performance, Kendra engages people in thought provoking conversations that empower and help them dramatically expand and improve their leadership capacity, clarity, and confidence so they are better equipped to manage competing priorities and discover new and more efficient ways of delivering results. She also works skillfully with live group dynamics, creating an environment for participants to take personal risks, push cultural boundaries, and build alignment in complex and changing environments.

Since 2008, Kendra has successfully launched and grown her coaching company, Blueprint Strategies Inc., authored the Executive Career column for the Financial Post online, coached hundreds of executives, and led and supported the design and delivery of leadership development programs in many sectors, including Financial Services, Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, and Government. Prior to that, she spent 4 years at LHH Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions and 2 years at one of Canada’s most respected boutique executive recruiting firms.

An active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Kendra holds her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation from The Co-Active Training Institute and is a graduate of their intensive 10-month Leadership Program. She is also a designated Certified Neuroscience Transformational Coach (CNTC), has earned certifications in Solutions- Focused Brief Coaching through the University of Toronto, Somatics and Embodied Transformation through The Strozzi Institute, and Social Psychology through Ryerson University. Kendra is also a certified Equine Assisted Leadership Coach and facilitator, and has studied Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). She is a student of Leela Gurukul, an immersive spiritual school for modern leaders.

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Happiness is an inside job.

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