Grant Crowell: ADHD & Grantasms

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Grant Crowell: ADHD & Grantasms

Grant Crowell, The Social Wordsmith

Grantus Crowellius Maximus, Great Grantasmo, Social Word Chef, Tipper of Sacred Cows, Twisted Ice-Crusher, Shit Maker-Upper, and Best Morning Coffee Maker

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, with a long adult-ing in the Chicago burbs, Grant now lives in Durham, North Carolina with his “spousish” partner, Karen.

Grant currently works as a full-time contractor and virtual event video coordinator for Dell Technologies. A man wearing many hats, he was previously a three-time social media manager on both the agency and brand side, a past YouTube channel manager for Fortune 100 enterprises, a nationwide conference speaker on video marketing, a former professional editorial cartoonist and talk radio host, a comedy club staffer, and a dabbler in documentary film production. He is a proud fighter of free speech for everyone and was represented by the ACLU during his college years.

When he’s not making up silly words, Grant is a guest speaker on being confident on camera, and on the unique relationship between social media and ADHD. (Fun note: while writing this book, he worked part-time as a Social media manager and video producer for a local jewelry business, where he was continuously surrounded by highly distractible, shiny objects—and jewelry, too.)

Grant also volunteers with Karen as foster parents for a cat and kitten adoption and rescue organization. For fun, he enjoys running in thousand-acre forest preserves, looking for the best craft beer deals across state lines, listening to offbeat podcasts, enjoying quirky documentaries, open mic nights, and getting into spirited dialog with humor.

His first solo book, GRANTASMS!, is the culmination of many years of word creations from his big ideas, small wonders, and unfinished business. He is an enthusiastic student of creative psychology and social health, and he explores twisted ways of treating people online with empathy daily. He succeeds some of the time, laughs at the others, gets pissy about a few, and tries to learn from them all.


Running time: 01:05:29

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