Learning Self-Motivation with Haris Reis

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Shareable Guest Club
Learning Self-Motivation with Haris Reis

SHOW NOTES Haris is a 2x national award winning entrepreneur, 2x national best-selling author, keynote speaker and a digital marketer.

He previously was the co-founder of changing lanes international, which helped authors, speakers, and coaches build their brands online. He took the company to a 6-figure business in 10 months!

He was also previously a growth hacker at Vaynermedia building Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal brand.

He’s built SyncSumo, a SAAS solution with customers in 30+ countries and now runs a consultancy which has generated millions of dollars for clients, a social media agency and has a handful of personal clients

Some of the questions that Jeff asks Haris:

  • How did you get started? Who inspired you to take this path?
  • While you were with Changing Lanes Internation, you help others become authorities in their field… 1. What subjects or industries do you consider yourself an authority on, and 2. what are some of the steps that you recommend that others take to become authorities?
  • You’re involved in a number of different things, how do you decide which of the various things is the top priority?
  • What does your day-to-day marketing look like?
  • Who are some of the inspirations that shape how you operate?
  • Have you ever found a mentor or inspiration who later disappointed you? Why?
  • What technology trends do you see impacting your career over the next decade and what are your plans to deal with that?


Running time: 29:11

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