Mastering Your Company’s Culture with Mike Ganino

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Shareable Guest Club
Mastering Your Company’s Culture with Mike Ganino

Hey there, Shareable listeners! This week we’re talking all about company culture: what it is, how we do it, and better yet, how we do it right. We’re joined by expert Mike Ganino, here to share all he knows about how to create and sustain your company’s story.

We clear the misconception that company culture is about ping pong tables and a snack room in the office. Because the truth is, it’s everything your business does.

We talk about how to discover your business’s culture, handle obstacles that get in the way of fully embodying it, and what an authentic company culture can mean for your business.

Not only that, Mike drops major knowledge about what to do about employees who don’t seem to care about your business’s culture, and how to create a narrative that all of your workers can get behind. Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed. 

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