Shareable Stories of Empathy and Delicious Irrationality with Christina Harbridge

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Shareable Guest Club
Shareable Stories of Empathy and Delicious Irrationality with Christina Harbridge

Hello Shareable listeners! This is our last bonus episode of Season 2! For this episode, we are joined by Christina Harbridge. Christina is the founder and CEO of Allegory Inc., a behavioral change company. In her life, she has founded a debt collection agency, built a successful finance industry company, participated as a NASA test subject, and created large-scale metal sculptures. In this episode, Christina shares some of her tactics for creating positive relationships through authentic conversations. With Christina’s help, Shareable will be giving away three signed copies of Swayed to our listeners. Just call our number, 551-257-4273, and leave a voicemail with your best story. We will announce three winners online and create an episode in season 3 of Shareable with your story (assuming you give us permission). Download this Episode

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SHOW NOTES (18:09) – Have you ever met someone you can’t help? It depends, some people just tend to struggle more than others. For example, introverts may find that starting conversations is exhausting. However, Christina always recommends using a rational strategy for influence. She will help clients understand how her methods will ultimately help them succeed in comparison to their current methods. This logical rational usually resonates with her clients. (21:55) – What is semantic linguistics? It is a way of conversing with people in an authentic, non transaction way. When she started her collection business, Christina found that many of the contemporary tactics used by collection agencies seem manipulative. She wanted to redesign the business by having her employees uphold positive attitudes. Through her research, she found that people often let their body drive the conversation, rather than their intellect. The most impactful communication of influence is performed when both parties feel comfortable. Christina stated that one needs to listen before convincing. (28:40) – Why don’t we always behave in a non transactional way? We were raised to cast aside many of our strong emotions. Sadness and anger were often portrayed as bad emotions, but these emotions are essential. Our emotions shouldn’t be numbed. For example, good meetings should be somewhat uncomfortable. All participants shouldn’t always agree or else nothing will be improved. (33:45) – As an introvert, how do you find the energy to address these conversations and emotions? One of Christina’s strategies is to get the other person talking more. In her collection business, she found that trying to calm someone down on the phone when they are extremely upset never works. Rather, you need to match or exceed their concern for the problem. This will cause the other person to talk more and in a less intense manner. (39: 23) – What is a good way of getting your clients to tell a story? Christina recommends to have the clients write down experiences or stories that you love everyday. Don’t try to pick the perfect story for what you are trying to sell. Pick the stories that convey the right emotions. The key to great storytelling is helping people find themselves in your story with random details. Our goal is to relive the story, not talk about it. There should always be a twist or some type of surprise that the audience couldn’t predict. ADDITIONAL NOTES Take advantage of our giveaway and earn yourself a signed copy of Christina’s book, Swayed! The book is also available for purchase on Amazon and can be found here. Christina is currently working on an online course to discuss the positive power of persuasion. Stay tuned! CONNECT WITH CHRISTINA




SPECIAL THANKS TO Ray, our Audio Engineer. Thanks for cleaning up our voices and adding all that sexy production value. Kurtis, our intern. Thanks for all creating the show notes for this episode! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Board Game. Thanks for nothing…except fun!

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