What Makes You Tick? How To Find Your Sense of Purpose in Business with Dr. Richard Shuster

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What Makes You Tick? How To Find Your Sense of Purpose in Business with Dr. Richard Shuster

Welcome to the second bonus episode of Season 2! Dr. Richard Shuster joined us to make this special episode. Richard is the host of The Daily Helping Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves. He is a clinical psychologist with a specialization in forensics and neuropsychology. Also, he is starting a non-profit charity to help children reach their potential by providing speech, physical, and occupational therapy. Before finding his calling, Richard worked in technology for many years. But his life was changed forever when he survived a horrific car accident. He suffered extensive injuries including a broken back. During his recovery, Richard felt unfulfilled by his life’s accomplishments and wanted to do more, so he resigned from his executive position to seek more meaningful work. In this podcast, Richard shares with us his definition of “purpose-driven” and how following that mentality has helped him find fulfillment at work and everywhere else. For anyone who’s stuck or struggling to find 1.) what your passions are and 2.) how to turn those passions into meaningful work then this episode will help get the wheels turning. Richard is a delight and we know you’re going to enjoy this episode! Download this Episode SHOW DETAILS

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SHOW NOTES (10:45) – How did your near death experience give you a sense of drive, passion, and purpose? Richard spent a lot of time reflecting on his life after the accident. He came to the conclusion that everything we do should be purpose-driven and we should focus on altruism. They key is to find something that you are passionate about that you can making a living off of, but also makes the world a better place. The opportunities are not as rare as many think. (12:40) – Is their a process to become purpose-driven? For Richard, the process unfolded organically. He went from working 80 hours a week to 0 hours a week; so he had plenty of time to reflect. He recommends journaling, reading, and meditation. If you’re unsure what your passions are, Richard recommends writing often and look for patterns that may indicate interest in certainty ideas, activities, etc. (15:47) – How will you measure the success of your endeavors? The Daily Helping’s mission is intentionally aspirational; it won’t have a definitive end. However, the movement is quantifiable. Richard’s goal is to inspire a million people to post an act of kindness on a daily basis. ADDITIONAL NOTES Go and do something nice for someone you don’t know. Surprise yourself by surprising someone else! CONNECT WITH JEFF




SPECIAL THANKS TO Ray, our Audio Engineer. Thanks for cleaning up our voices and adding all that sexy production value. Kurtis, our intern. Thanks for all creating the show notes for this episode! Mochi. It might be the perfect vessel for ice cream.

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