How to Sell Like the World’s Top Sellers with Ash Seddeek

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Shareable Guest Club
How to Sell Like the World's Top Sellers with Ash Seddeek

Shareable listeners! It’s the last day of sales week! We hope all our guests this week have brought you a lot of valuable, and given you the encouragement to kill it in sales. To close out the week, we have Ash Seddeek on the show to teach us all about how to sell like the top 1% sellers. If Jeffrey and Jennifer we’re a conversation about best sales practices overall, and Bruce was the coach pumping you up to make them, then Ash is your advanced class. Ash Seddeek is a professional facilitator of sales and management and leadership programs for corporate clients and the world’s top sales teams. So yeah, he’s a boss and extra qualified to teach you how to behave like the top sellers. Okay, enough. Let’s get right into it.

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