S3E8: Sachi Cunningham | Big Waves

Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots
S3E8: Sachi Cunningham | Big Waves

In this episode we talk with the award-winning documentary filmmaker, Professor of Multimedia Journalism and Big Wave Surf Photographer, Sachi Cunningham.  

Sachi developed a love of the water at a young age and from competitive swimming and lifeguarding.  Her ambition and passion for the ocean have become an integral part of her storytelling.  Her body of work has covered international political stories, the arts, disability and the ocean environment.  

As a bi-racial female, Sachi is passionate and experienced about speaking up for women whether it is equal pay, voicing ideas or chasing desire.  Sachi’s experience in student councils over the years has given her the confidence to speak up and out about the changes she wants to see in the world.

Sachi’s background in film making together with her love of art has taken her on a worldwide journey that has helped hone her unique voice to capture the stories of people far and wide.  Sachi continues to break barriers for women surfers with her coverage and content of competitive female Big Wave surfers.


Sachi Cunningham


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