S3E3: Nancy Volpe Beringer | Creativity Is My Oxygen

Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots
S3E3: Nancy Volpe Beringer | Creativity Is My Oxygen

In this episode we talk with Philadelphia based fashion designer Nancy Volpe Beringer.  Raised in a traditional family environment and working hard from a young age, Nancy pivoted her career at age 59- when she was at the top of her game.  Discovering she needed to be creative to breathe, she assessed how happy she was and asked herself ‘If i was young again, what would I like to study?’

With the launch of Project Runway in 2004, Nancy found herself reigniting her passion for fashion design and garment construction.  Motivated by her love of learning and not being afraid, she began a new career path and found herself on a journey to becoming the influential inclusive and adaptable designer she is known to be today.  She is well known for her adaptable, wearable art- and the hard work and joy she radiates with her work ethic and unique vision.  This focus and determination, led her to being a finalist on the latest season of Project Runway! 

Nancy inspires others with her infectious kindness and lives her best life being able to sustain her business through her fashion and being relevant in the community.  Her need to create, which she describes as her oxygen, and her gratitude is evident in all that she does. 

Nancy’s mission is to inspire people to appreciate and celebrate their differences, and always no matter what- Be Kind. She would love to hear from anyone with special fashion needs and how she can be more adaptive in her designs.


Nancy Volpe Beringer Website


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