S1E9: Scott Blumstein | The Deuce of Hearts

Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots
S1E9: Scott Blumstein | The Deuce of Hearts

I am a huge poker enthusiast. I like poker much more than I am good at it. That is not true of this episode’s guest, American poker player Scott Blumstein.

Blumstein graduated from Temple University with an accounting degree before becoming a professional poker player.

Last summer, he entered his first World Series of Poker Main Event, along with over 7000 other hopeful players.

Outlasting everyone in a week’s plus of poker play, Scott Blumstein won the

World Series of Poker Main Event, a coveted WSOP bracelet and $8,150,000.

He won in dramatic fashion when the Deuce of Hearts landing on the river (which for you non-poker players was one of only 3 cards that could have won him the event).

In this episode we explore Scott’s story and how he went from online player to a poker World Champ.

Not surprisingly his favorite card in the deck is the 2 of Hearts.


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