S1E4: Chet Harding | No Laughing Matter

Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots
S1E4: Chet Harding | No Laughing Matter

Chet Harding is the co-founder and owner of Improv Asylum – a nationally-acclaimed improvisation and sketch comedy theater based in Boston as well as stand-up sister theater Laugh Boston and Asylum Gaming and E-Sports production house.

As well as acting, writing, directing and producing, Chet has developed Improv Asylum’s global corporate training program, and has worked with companies such as Google, Harvard Business School, Red Bull and Fidelity.  

In this episode Chet talks about his youthful dream of becoming a professional athlete, but recognizing he had more talent for making people laugh. 

From his early career in advertising to the famed Improv mecca Second City in Chicago, Chet eventually landed in Boston to plant roots in both family and in comedy.

And no, Chet was not a member of Amherst College’s Mr. Gad’s House of Improv.


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