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What's going on at the Shareable Podcast Network? If you're interested in what sort of things are going on behind the scenes, what new shows we're looking for, and updates for podcasters, look no further.

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Hi, I'm Jeff!

You might know Jeff from Linkedin as "the World’s Most Handsome Strategist and Professional Speaker."

You might also know him by his other title: Superhero

Jeff Gibbard is the author of The Lovable Leader, a book about building great teams with trust, respect and kindness. He's also strategist, consultant, coach, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and more.

Jeff is on a mission to make the world kinder, safer and more equitable. He's committed to living a purpose-driven life, helping people to unlock their full potential, being a heroic and lovable leader, and becoming an unstoppable catalyst for change.