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Shareable is the podcast fueled entirely by curiosity. Every episode, features exciting guests who share valuable advice and insights, how-to guides, and practical takeaways.

Listen for awe-inspiring stories about overcoming the odds, the secret formulas for each guest’s unique expertise, and the moments that remind us of our shared humanity.

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Shareable Podcast
Shareable Podcast
Think Fast | 10 Questions with Ed Thompson | Ep262
  • Think Fast | 10 Questions with Ed Thompson | Ep262

    Think Fast | 10 Questions with Ed Thompson | Ep262

    Aug 30, 2023 • 00:14:50

    About Think Fast Think Fast is a mini-episode featuring 10 rapid-fire questions. Think Fast Questions What is your favorite podcast? Neurodiversity with Theo Smith If you could download one person’s (dead or alive) entire knowledge, wisdom, and memories to add to your own, whose would it be? Bill Walsh If…

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Hi, I'm Jeff!

You might know Jeff from Linkedin as "the World’s Most Handsome Strategist and Professional Speaker."

You might also know him by his other title: Superhero

Jeff Gibbard is the author of The Lovable Leader, a book about building great teams with trust, respect and kindness. He's also strategist, consultant, coach, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and more.

Jeff is on a mission to make the world kinder, safer and more equitable. He's committed to living a purpose-driven life, helping people to unlock their full potential, being a heroic and lovable leader, and becoming an unstoppable catalyst for change.