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Want to know what it's really like to be a podcaster? The good, the bad, the outlandish?

Tune into the Post Pod Show to find out.

It's like a post game show, but instead of athletes, we hear from 1st ballot Hall of Fame Podcaster Lou Diamond and perennial All Star interviewer Jeff Gibbard. Every episode they take on a topic in podcasting and are joined by some of the best hosts in the business.

Part serious, part satire, but totally entertaining, and if you're a podcaster, you may just think it's shareable.

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The Post Pod Show
The Post Pod Show
No Comment | Episode 10
  • No Comment | Episode 10

    No Comment | Episode 10

    Nov 23, 2023 • 00:16:58

    Show Notes In this episode, we talk about lack of listener engagement or feedback Connect with Jeff Connect with Lou Interested in being a guest on podcasts? Want to start your own podcast? You’re in luck! Looking for another great show to listen to? Check out our many shareable podcasts.

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Meet your Hosts

Hi, I'm Lou!

Lou is an energetic, humorous and inspirational speaker, business development strategist and performance mentor. For over 25 years he has delivered winning tactics that have increased results of leading performers from companies all over the world.

He is the CEO of THRIVE, a company focused on helping brands become even more amazing through the power of connecting.

When he isn't speaking or working on his top-rated Thrive LOUD podcast, he is watching his kids grow up too fast, obsessing over how bad his sports teams are, listening to country music…and playing some ‘not-so-great’ golf.

Hi, I'm Jeff!

You might know Jeff from Linkedin as "the World’s Most Handsome Strategist and Professional Speaker."

You might also know him by his other title: Superhero

Jeff Gibbard is the author of The Lovable Leader, a book about building great teams with trust, respect and kindness. He's also strategist, consultant, coach, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and more.

Jeff is on a mission to make the world kinder, safer and more equitable. He's committed to living a purpose-driven life, helping people to unlock their full potential, being a heroic and lovable leader, and becoming an unstoppable catalyst for change.