Nap Time Show
The Friday Afternoon

Nap Time Show

I’m off on Fridays to watch my kids. During nap time, I hop on a Live Stream and chat about business and life. Tune in live on Linkedin, Youtube, or Facebook.

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Nap Time Show
Nap Time Show
Episode 009: Clarity
  • Episode 009: Clarity

    Episode 009: Clarity

    Jun 9, 2023 • 00:18:48

    I’ve been away for a little over a month. There’s a good reason why and it opens the door for a conversation around the conditions one needs to maintain clarity.

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Hi, I'm Jeff!

You might know Jeff from Linkedin as "the World’s Most Handsome Strategist and Professional Speaker."

You might also know him by his other title: Superhero

Jeff Gibbard is the author of The Lovable Leader, a book about building great teams with trust, respect and kindness. He's also strategist, consultant, coach, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and more.

Jeff is on a mission to make the world kinder, safer and more equitable. He's committed to living a purpose-driven life, helping people to unlock their full potential, being a heroic and lovable leader, and becoming an unstoppable catalyst for change.